The printing costs are calculated as follows: 0 € for dissertations with top grades in both reviews. 5 Cents per page and 5 € per cover for a minimum print run of 50
copies (The publishing house prints further copies according to its own costs to keep the book available for at least 10 years in the book trade), 4 Cents and 4 € for
100 copies and 3.5 Cent and 3.50 € for 150 copies. Colored pages cost 4 times a side/ w side, i.e. 20, 16 or 14 Cents. If you want to have your book bound in a
hard cover, the covers cost 9/7/6 €. There are additional costs for copy editing, foreign languages and graphics. With these simple instructions and you can quickly
calculate your own printing costs.

An online calculator will be made available shortly on this webpage.