The European University Press especially offers interesting job perspectives to relatives and alumni from the Ruhr-Universität Bochum .
Next to working in one of the bodies of the publishing house (board of trustees, quality committee, advisory board, management board, non-commercial association, staff, peer reviewer, editor, author) there is the possibility of internships, a part-time or a full-time employment with an own area of responsibility.
The publishing house favours equality and engages an above-average portion of women.
The publishing house supports inclusion and offers internships for citizens with migration background, non-German EU citizens and non-EU citizens.

Strong for the Region

The publishing house bears responsibility vis-a-vis the region and the people living therein as an employer, as a training firm accredited by the IHK and pays taxes and charges to university, city, province and federation. While most university publishing houses in Germany are funded by the universities, e.g. by payment the of the personnel via the integration in the university libraries and/or college writing posts, the European University Press works economically and cost-effectively and maintains its independence on this way, too.