There are just a few steps to publishing a book:
  • 1. Please send us your manuscript.
  • 2. The publishing house checks to see if the publication fits into the publishing program. If it does, the publishing house suggests that you take your manuscript into a book series before, if necessary with a proposal where printing costs can be requested and stating whether it is required for the author to share the cost, if so how much. All this is proposed in the form of a publishing contract.
  • 3. Send the publishing house a synopsis for the back cover, a photo of the author with a short biography and also an illustration for the front of the book.
  • 4. The publishing house will ensure, if agreed, that the work is copy edited before and after, evaluated by professional college students (a so-called "Peer Review") and will then create proofs for the cover and the inside.
  • 5. The author looks through the proofs, makes any final changes and then issues the press release.
  • 6. The publishing house prints the book, gives the author sample copies and makes it known and available at bookstores and on Amazon. If necessary the printing costs will be paid by institutions (The German Research Foundation, VG Wort, German Academic Exchange Service etc.) or by the author.
  • 7. 7. The author receives a 5% fee from each book sold, which is settled on the 31.3 of each year.
  • 8. The author receives about a 500-1000 € royalty from VG Wort if the book has been sufficiently spread across libraries and associations.