The University Press supports
- the introduction of the subject "Business" at schools (for this purpose it has published the novel "Adventure Market Economy", which transports - in the form of a youth novel - the economical and entrepreneurial knowledge of a 2 year bachelor study program in Macroeconomics (incl. parts of Microeconomics)).
- the introduction of computers and new technologies at schools and universities (for this purpose, it has published the D-Book, which can be read with Google Glass and smart devices)
- the cooperation with schools and universities in the network "Innovative Learning"
- the cooperation between university presses EUP and between universities, to enhance the visibility of European research results and in order to help partner presses to reach the international level of quality assurance

Regarding the current discussion on innovative learning, we refer to the following contributions:
- the bad results of EU pupils/students regarding computer skills in international comparison: ICILS Survey
- the decision of some American states and Finnish schools to teach keyboard typing instead of handwriting: Article