Innovative and in global dialogue

The European University Press develops innovative technologies for the future of scientific publishing and reading (e.g. the platform http://ScienceNet.EU). It participates in the international dialogue with other university presses in search of the appropriate form of scientific publishing for tomorrow via working groups, in associations, unions, on congresses and on book fairs .

The European University Press is a subgroup of the Association of University Presses since 2013. In this, university presses from all continents are developing common innovations for the future of the university presses.

On October 8, 2014, the European University Press published the world's first book which is readable with Google Glass, the so-called D-Book. The book can be read as normal paper book or - enriched with multimedia elements - using Google Glass, Kindle, smart phones or pads with iOS or Android OS.

Press release regarding the D-Book: The world's first book, which is readable with Google Glass.

Images with readers of our d-book at the Frankfurt Book Fair October 2014. (The images are royalty free and can be used. To enlarge an image, please select it separately and/or download it.):