Quality Committee

The quality committee consists of ten professors and emeriti from different faculties of the Ruhr-Universität. They ensure the quality of the publications and can be appealed to by the publishing house for works, for whom there are not already two reviews at hand, as well as in cases of doubt. In general, there are already two reviews at hand for dissertations. Yet, in general there are not two reviews at hand for research works and symposia volumes. With the help of the quality committee the high quality of the publications shall be guaranteed via the so-called "peer review". In exceptional cases (e.g. if the area of expertise is not represented in the committee) the publishing house can also appeal to external reviewers.

The first quality committee was nominated by the management board and confirmed by the university leadership. When a member of the committee retires, the management board nominates professors, that are confirmed by the board of trustees, from 2015 onwards.

The committee's members are:
  • K. Richard Bausch
  • Gerhard Binder
  • Martin Bollacher
  • Rolf Dermietzel
  • Horst Fischer
  • Walter A. Koch
  • Harro Müller-Michaels
  • Ludger Pries
  • Walter Schweidler