Welcome to the European University Press

The European University Press was founded on the 20th January 2003. It has several locations in Germany and worldwide. It fulfils a network function for European University Presses. So far it has published more than 100 books and Journals by members and universities of more than 30 European universities.

It offers its members the opportunity to publish books, convey translations and advertise books by members on common platforms.

Support program "Innovative Learning" for digital education

With its program "Innovative Learning" the European University Press supports schools and universities, e.g. it supports more computers for schools. It is worldwide the first press to publish a book which is readable with Google Glass (as well as with smart devices), the so-called D-Book. This book can be read as a normal book or - using smart devices - as multimedia book with films and audio. It was presented to the public on the Frankfurt Book Fair 2014 (Press announcement). The book is available in German, English and Chinese. The Chinese version won the price of innovative cultural product of the Chinese Ministry of Culture as well as the award of China's most beautiful book.


for download: catalogue_2020.pdf (8 MB). Online Catalogue 2020/21.


The European University Press would like to increase the visibility of European research results. Especially, it wants to make its results as visible as dominating American publications. It encourages multilingualism with the introduction of new publications and strives for example with German and French language research results to summaries in English for example monographs to a condensed English-language paper. Furthermore, it promotes journals that summarize the main research results from European countries and makes them available in English. Accordingly, the European University Press is best known under its English name than under its original German name "Europäischer Universitätsverlag".


The European University Press is the operator of the platform Science.Net.EU for books by University Presses, it encourages the establishment of quality assurance instruments 'European Impact Factor' and 'European Citation Index' and also Open Access. It is committed to the introduction and improvement of the peer review system at European University Presses and promotes communication between the University Presses. Publishing houses, that meet the quality criteria of the European University Press can identify themselves as a member of the publishing network by using the logo.